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🔒Data and Privacy Policy

The International Rescue Committee Inc. (IRC) is a group that helps people who are affected by crisis to stay alive, get better, and start over.

ImportaMí is an IRC information service that provides unaccompanied children and their sponsors in the United States accessible information so they can make important decisions during difficult times about what matters most to them. We do this by using the internet and social media to share information and answer questions in real time by a team of community liaisons.

The IRC promises to keep your information safe and use your personal information responsibly. This Privacy Policy explains how we gather, use, and protect your personal information. IRC only collects personal information to help people get access to aid during a crisis. 


📨 Information We Collect 

We might keep, use, and save the following personal information:  

  • 📱 Personal data of individuals who send us a message through one of our ways to connect (like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) to help them get humanitarian help. This data could include their name, email, phone number, system IP address, and any important information they share with us.  

We also get information about users from other companies, such as:  

  • 📊 Meta and Google for data analytics. User data on the website is collected using cookies or through your Google Account. This info is kept anonymous, so we cannot connect it to a specific person. 

  • 👤 The data may include details about users like their age, gender, city, country, language, how long they engage with the site, and where their session started from. 


🗃️ Why Do We Collect Data for ImportaMí? 

We gather information from the internet to help you in the following ways:  

  • 💬 To talk to you: we use your contact information to answer your questions and connect you with help if you need it. 

  • 🔍 To decide what information to provide: we collect information to understand what communities need and what challenges they have. This allows us curate relevant information and ensure that our services address community concerns effectively. 

  • 💻 To learn from your online actions on our site: we look at how you use our website to make it better and reach more people. 


Additionally, certain funders require us to demonstrate the impact of our work. Collecting data allows us to show evidence of our efforts and the positive outcomes we achieve. 


Overall, the information we gather is used to make sure we can give you the best help we can. We do not share, sell, or use any personal information for anything other than helping the people who use our services. 


⚖️ Data Sharing, Disclosure, Legal Basis 

We will share your information with IRC network employees only when necessary. We will only share your information with another organization if you give us permission to. ImportaMí processes your personal information because it helps us provide you with information to access resources, understand your rights, and make good choices. 


We work on information projects that follow human rights and humanitarian rules to stop fake information. This kind of charity work aims to protect important human rights that could be at risk because of incorrect information. These rights include Security, Fair Treatment, Health, and Freedom of Expression.  


Please note that your information may be stored outside of Europe, however, we will do everything we can to keep your information safe. 


🛡️ Data Security 

We use special tools and rules to keep your personal information safe from people who are not authorized to see it. Some of these ways include:  

  • 🔏 Encryption (we scramble the information so only the appropriate people can read it). 

  • 🔑 Access controls (only letting certain people have access to the information, and making sure they prove who they are, using more than one way).  

  • 📁 Data storage within the European Union (storing the information in places that follow certain rules in Europe). 

  • ⚠️ Risk assessments (checking for any ways that the information could be at risk, and making plans to stop bad things from happening). 

  • 🧠 Employee training and awareness (teaching our workers about how to keep your information safe and making them aware of the dangers). 

  • 📡 Secure Network Configurations (setting up safe ways for information to travel through our systems to stop anything bad from getting in). 


Your Rights 

We understand that by providing us with your personal data, you are trusting us to take good care of it and to respect your rights concerning that data. Your rights are as follows: 

  • 👁️ Access: You can ask us if we have any of your personal information. If we do, we can give you a copy. 

  • 📋 Rectification: If there are any mistakes in your personal information, you can ask us to correct them. 

  • 🗑️ Erasure: If we no longer need your personal information, you can ask us to delete it. You can also ask us to delete it if you have changed your mind about giving it to us, or if we have used your information unlawfully. 

  • 🚫 Restriction: If you think there are mistakes in your information, or if we are using it unlawfully, you can ask us to limit how we use it. You can also ask us to keep your information if we no longer need it, but you do for legal reasons. 

  • Objection to processing: You can ask for your personal information to be given to another organization in a format they can read. 

  • 📤 Data Portability: You can ask for your personal information to be given to another organization in a format they can read. 

  • 🛑 Withdraw your consent: You can decide to not let us use your personal information whenever you want. Just let us know! 


🗯️ Exercising Your Rights 

  • 🙋 If you want to use any of the rights listed above, get in touch with us using the information below.

  • ✍️ Making a complaint: If you think we are not handling your personal information correctly or as explained in this privacy notice, you can also tell your local supervisory authority about it.



📲 Contact Us 

If you have any questions, worries, or requests about your personal information or the details in this Privacy Policy, please email us at You can also email our Data Privacy team at